Alone I’m Not So Good, but In a Choir I’m Awesome


1773426During the Easter season the Mormon Tabernacle Choir invited people to sing as part of the world’s largest virtual choir. I recorded a video of myself singing the Hallelujah Chorus and submitted it with great fear and trepidation, because when I watched and listened to myself I realized that I’m horrible.

Much to my amazement I received a notice that I was included in the final result. Amazing, at least to me. However, the experience helped me to realize something I have always known.

You don’t want to hear my part all alone with no one else and with no music, totally accapella. Check it out in this video. As you can see and hear, in the choir I am incredible. CLICK HERE.

We are all better when we perform in a choir, play on a team, work with a group in a collaboration, and the end result is always far better than what we can do by ourselves.

When we unite together we can accomplish anything.

In the same way when we unite our support for someone who is struggling we bring them strength they may not have on their own. With genuine efforts to show love and support we can work miracles. Time after time I have seen people struggling and nearly giving up, and then God sends a miracle – someone like you or me.

God works His miracles through us. We can unite with Him if we will just be willing to participate. He will guide us in what we say and do, and His team is the best team to be on, and our participation not only blesses the lives of others, it bring us blessings as well.

Let’s unite together in service to others during this Christmas season. Not only on the World-wide Day of Service December 1st, but also every day through Christmas Day. United with God as our guide, we can be His agent to bless others.

Alone we are not so strong, but untied together all across the world with Heavenly Father as our guide, how can we fail? If each of us lets the Light of Christ shine within us while serving others, our combined light will indeed #LIGHTtheWORLD.


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