Book Review: The Destructive President Details Obama’s Psychological Problems and Dangers


Anger and hate are the underlying problems that have resulted from the troubled childhood and teenage years of President Barak Obama, psychological problems that manifest as Obama destroys America’s traditional institutions.

Dr. Paul Fick is a nationally prominent clinical and forensic psychologist who has studied Obama for four years, and is so concerned about his findings that he has published a detailed book in an effort to warn the public.

Dr. Paul Fick
Dr. Paul Fick.

The book, The Destructive President: Inside the Mind of Barak Obama, was recently self-published in digital format to make it available to the public as quickly as possible. It is available in many digital formats at

Dr. Fick expertly describes the findings of his study of Obama’s life, and the symptoms he has observed that give evidence of Obama’s severe psychological problems.

No one should vote without first reading The Destructive President: Inside the Mind of Barak Obama written by Dr. Paul Fick. The book is authoritative, enlightening, disturbing, as well as unpleasant, but it is also essential reading for those who care about the future of America.

Obama grew up in a highly dysfunctional family, and was emotionally and behaviorally damaged. He never had the opportunity to receive professional help with his many developing psychological problems, so severe problems began to show themselves when he entered his teen years. Obama turned to drugs and alcohol in high school and college in an effort to cover up, and hide from his problems.

We learn from Dr. Fick that as Obama is emotionally and behaviorally fixated on his past, and blames his problems on the institutions of society that he believes failed him. The family, welfare programs, government, and religion are some of his targets.

Obama’s unresolved psychological problems and his behavioral patterns from childhood continue to be evident in his adult life. The result goes far beyond what some observers see as narcissism. Dr. Fick says in his book that it is much worse than that. Obama is filled with destructive hate and anger against the country and institutions he blames for the problems he experienced while growing up.

Obama suffered significant emotional pain as a child, and that pain was never resolved. Over time the hurt transformed into resentment and anger. That anger grew to such an extent that Obama developed hatred for what he believed was responsible for his negative feelings.

Dr. Fick says that Obama used victim logic, which includes blaming America’s traditional institutions for his raw deal in life. Obama wants to “transform” America because he believes it is very flawed. Dr. Fick says Obama unconsciously targets traditional American institutions. The attacks are primarily unconscious because Obama lacks self-understanding and does not comprehend how his resentment, hate, and anger dominates his thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Narcissism does not even begin to explain Obama’s destructive personality style, according to Dr. Fick. He says that it is true that Obama displays narcissistic features, but he does not suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He explains in The Destructive President that Obama’s psychological problems are much more complex than that.

Obama suffers from three primary psychological maladies that drive his destructive behavior. In addition to displaying narcissistic features, Obama suffers from paranoid tendencies and oppositionalism. Dr. Fick says that this is what makes Obama a dangerous and destructive president.

Obama said he will “transform” America, and this transformation is motivated by Obama’s unresolved anger toward himself projected onto the country. Dr. Fick explains that this hatred drives Obama to destroy not an individual or a group but the very traditional institutions that define America.

He says that Obama’s thoughts are distorted by victim logic and projection, and his intense emotions of resentment and hate are based on unresolved pain, and he uses power and control to activate his anger.

Dr. Fick says that even though Obama is a tremendously insecure man, he projects an image of false confidence which is reassuring to voters who suffer from their own insecurities due to economic conditions, employment status, or lack of belief in their own self-reliance. Obama’s hidden insecurity is like a magnet pulling these voters in his direction.

Dr. Fick explains the psychological damage that has led to the point that Obama now seeks revenge against the country and institutions that he blames for the hurt he feels. He says that as a child Obama unconsciously attempted to defend himself from his sense of rejection and abandonment by the formation of narcissistic features. He then resorted to numbing out his pain with drugs and alcohol during his adolescence and young adult years. Later he discovered that power and control enabled him to contain his rage and use that power and control as a vehicle to seek revenge.

Dr. Fick warns that if Obama is reelected he will step up his effort to “transform” America. He will not feel constrained by the rule of law and will enact Executive Orders without Congressional consent. The America he will leave behind will be in his own image, broken and lacking a sense of identity.

The conclusion of the book is Dr. Fick’s prescription for the psychological treatment Obama needs to free him from his victim logic way of thinking, along with his rage, hate, and destructive behavior.

A digital sample of the book is available without cost at


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