Conservatives and Liberals Need to Compromise to Avoid Fiscal Abyss


The “fiscal cliff” could easily become the “fiscal abyss” unless serious problems are solved immediately. Conservatives and liberals have made their stand, and both are obviously dedicated to their beliefs, but is it not time to come together so the country can heal?

The question was asked during the recent presidential campaign, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” Conservatives liked to blame liberals, and more specifically the policies of President Obama for the demise of the economy and the American standard of living.

However, much of the blame may very well be the unwillingness of both conservatives and liberals to compromise and come together on some middle ground for the good of the country. The question might be asked, “If conservatives and liberals were willing to compromise four years ago on fiscal issues, would the country be better off today than it is now?” 

Will we be better off in four years if the two sides continue to stand their ground? If we continue down the same path we are on, is there any reason to think anything will change for the better?

It is time to realize that compromise does not mean surrender. Compromise simply means that we must find some common ground for the common good. Compromise is not the end. We can all hang on to our principals and ideals, and continue to work towards achieving them. However, it should not be all or nothing.

This country will be better off four years from now if conservatives and liberals will compromise and not strive for idealistic values that cannot be achieved all at once. Our country needs to heal and come together or the fiscal cliff will become a fiscal abyss.


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