Entry-level Career Certification: Validation of Knowledge and Ability Gets Entry-level Job Faster, Easier


Raleigh, NC –The best way to be selected for an entry-level job above all other applicants is to obtain entry-level career certification to validate knowledge and ability, says the National Career Certification Board (NCCB).

“NCCB certification demonstrates that you have achieved the entry-level of professional knowledge in your specific field,” said Jeanine Austin, Ph.D. Career & Life Coach. “NCCB Certification gives you a mark of distinction which sets you apart and shows that you have achieved expertise in your field of study,” she added.

Candidates for NCCB certification are required to receive formal training in their field of expertise. This training can be done either in person or online in an educational program through a college,  university, career college, private career school, or other training center. NCCB does not require any practicums, internships, or on-the-job experience in a specific field. NCCB provides the initial entry-level certification to validate education, knowledge, and ability.

Details of the NCCB certification program can be found online at www.NCCBboard.org

“NCCB certification increases your marketability as it provides external validation of your entry-level knowledge and your abilities in your profession. Certification demonstrates your commitment to your own personal growth and to that of the profession you’ve chosen. These factors can greatly affect your career advancement,” advised Austin.

Certification is provided through proctored exams with a required minimum grade of 70 percent or greater. NCCB has established the basic educational requirements for each discipline. Proctored exams contain relevant career knowledge, using guidelines for entry-level national certification requirements to ensure a high level of professionalism and ethical standards for certified individuals.


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