High School Chemistry Teacher Says 10-minute-a-day Online Tutor Helps Chemistry Students Succeed


It only takes 10 minutes a day for any high school student to learn chemistry, according to Melanie Fine, a high school chemistry teacher who created an economical online chemistry video tutor.

“Any high school student, motivated or not, can master chemistry and get good grades by just watching a 10-minute video each day,” explained Fine.

The online chemistry tutoring service features a series of 10-minute chemistry video lessons produced by Fine. Students watch one video lesson each day, and then respond to a quiz to help reinforce what was learned in the video.

The chemistry videos can be viewed at any convenient time to fit the busy schedule of any high school student. Each lesson is only 10-minutes long, so it is easy to fit into a day already packed with school and activities.

Fine’s daily chemistry videos make high school chemistry fun, and help students learn a subject they thought was tough. After just a few lessons, most students say chemistry is fun and easy.

“The most important part of the daily videos is that they are fun, and that makes it easy and enjoyable to learn. Students might not be very enthusiastic when they start, but they quickly discover the videos are much more fun than they expected so they look forward to them each day,” said Fine.

A short 3-minute video on the site at http://www.Chemin10.com explains how the online chemistry tutoring program works.  Each online 10-minute video provides a fun chemistry lesson, followed by a short quiz to help students remember what they learned in the video. Students are able to ask questions through an online forum, which Fine will answer.

The online chemistry lessons cover all the normal subjects found in a basic high school chemistry course. These topics include such things as matter, atoms, molecules, states of matter, solutions, acids and bases, oxidation-reduction reactions, rates of reactions and equilibrium, thermochemistry and stoichiometry.



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