Net-entrepreneur Online Marketing Basics for MLM and Network Marketing Success


By David M. Bresnahan

There are tons of great network marketing and MLM business opportunities available today, and they all have the same problem – making sales once a person’s warm market has been used up. The Internet provides a wonderful opportunity to create a new warm market that will provide an endless flow of new prospects to any business.

People do not buy into anything just because they see a cool web site. People buy from people they know, like, and trust when they have complete confidence that the product, service, or opportunity offered will deliver the expected results.

Network marketers can convert cold contacts found online into a new warm market, and then develop that new warm market into prospects who know, like, and trust the network marketer and have enough confidence to buy. How? By using the steps below. You can follow these steps yourself, or you can use a professional to do it for you. Here are the steps to an endless flow of prospects to your online business:

Step #1: Create a Free Report that is Compelling

Step #2: Create a Rapid Conversion Capture Page where Prospects Can Get the Free Report, and the Business Owner Can Capture the Prospect’s Name and Contact Information

Step #3: Use an Auto-responder to Send the Free Report to Prospects

Step #4: Create a Series of Follow-up E-mails that Establish a Personal Relationship, Build Confidence and Trust, and Send It Through an Auto-responder System

Step #5: Offer Live and Recorded Conference Calls to Free Report Subscribers to Enhance that Personal Relationship, and Build More Confidence and Trust

Step #6: Close the Sale Either as Part of the Conference Call or Through a Personal Phone Call

The steps above will not result in business success without a proven method of bringing prospects to the Capture Page so they can get the Free Report offered in Step #1 above. There are several online steps anyone can take at absolutely no cost to drive traffic to the Free Report.

Step #7: Write and Distribute a Professional Press Release that Compels Prospects to Get the Free Report

Step #8: Write a Blog About the Free Report

Step #9: Write and Distribute Articles about the Free Report

Step #10: Share the Press Release, Blog, and Articles through Social Networking Sites Such as facebook and Linkedin

Step #11: Tweet About the Blog, Articles, and Press Releases

Step #12: Make Absolutely Certain that the Web Site, Capture Page, Press Release, Blog, Articles are all Keyword Rich for the Exact Same Keywords Using Proven SEO Methods

Would you like to see a generic example of a Capture Page, Free Report, and E-mail Follow-up messages? Just get this Free Report

Any business can have a similar system, individually designed for  less than $18 a month, which means any business owner can afford it.

The task of advertising and promotion using Press Releases, Articles, Blogs, and Social Networking takes only 30 minutes a day. It is easy to learn through the free instruction provided as part of the service.

This online vending machine will bring new prospects to any business who come from a new warm market developed through online prospecting. These online prospects receive a free report and are progressively developed to the point where they have trust and confidence and are ready to buy.

The best part of this online marketing system is that it is entirely duplicatable. A network marketing professional can offer this same method of obtaining a new warm market to an entire downline and earn substantial commissions for doing so.

Downline marketing reps who are stagnating because they ran out of people to contact can now make new sales that will breathe new life into their dying business for less than 18 bucks a month. Their downline will grow again, and their upline will be their hero for saving them from MLM death.

Get the sample free report and see for yourself how it works.


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