Retirees Encouraged to Start a Business at SBA Conference


Retirees who want to go into business have a choice, open a traditional brick and mortar business with all the massive costs and overhead, or open an online business with none of the cost or risk.

A recent news story caught my eye on the local TV station web site. It was promoting a local Small Business Association (SBA) workshop for people 50 and up to get them to start a business. Naturally there was plenty of information at the workshop, including how to get SBA business loans.

They were correct to target retirees because that is a group of people for whom the vast majority are hurting financially, and for whom the future is bleak.

A business is a great opportunity for this group to gain the income they need. However, the one thing retirees do not need is the risk of high overhead expense, coupled with the risk of a loan. That’s why I recommend an online business.

Most traditional businesses do not make a profit for a couple years, which means to start such a business you have to be prepared to work long hours without pay and cover the loss out of your pocket until the business finally, if ever, makes some money.

There is, however, a great alternative with equal or better results. An online business offers immediate profit potential and virtually no overhead expense, risk, or commitment.

An even better choice is to select an online business opportunity that is proven, and ready to go with minimal out of pocket expense.

Retirees, or anyone of any age, can easily start an online business  with the potential of a six-figure income without any of the risk associated with a traditional business. In fact, anyone can start an online business and begin making money in a single day.

To be successful, an online business must offer products or services that people are already looking for. Something that is in high demand for a very reasonable price. Find a need and fill it, that’s the formula for success.

Presentation online must be well designed and professional. The web site must be able to make sales without human interaction in order to obtain orders from visitors. The site must also have a means of capturing prospective customer’s contact information in order use an automated follow-up system that will progressively bring prospects to the point of purchase if they did not buy on their first visit.

I have reviewed many online business opportunities and the number one choice is EPXBody, which offers health and wellness products online at very competitive prices. Each new independent marketing representative pays online $40 to begin and immediately receives not one, but four professionally designed web sites that inform and sell 24/7 online.

The company even offers a minimum income guarantee of $1,000 a month or your money back. So there is no risk.

Everyone who watches a brief six-minute online video about the opportunity is automatically entered into a monthly drawing for $1,000. The video is worth six minutes of anyone’s time, and the opportunity to win $1,000 makes this video a must.

Only minimum computer and Internet skills are needed to have this business. If you can send E-mails and navigate from one web site to another you can succeed at this business.

Enter the drawing by watching the video now, and who knows you might be $1,000 richer just for taking a look.






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