Romney (or any Republican President) Needs a Majority in the House and Senate to Succeed


Polls show that a majority of Americans prefer Mitt Romney, or any Republican over President Obama, but if they elect Romney or any other Republican to the White House and fail to provide a majority in the Senate and House it will be difficult if not impossible for any new Republican president to deliver the many reforms Americans say they want.

All the members of the U.S. House and 23 of the U.S. Senate are up for election this year. The House already has a majority of Republicans, but the Senate is held by the Democrats, who routinely block all Republican efforts.

The sweeping reforms to health care, the tax system, the national budget, and the size of government are desired by a majority of voters. Unless those voters give the Republicans a total majority nothing will get done and it will be business as usual in Washington. The nation needs rapid action and sweeping reform without political delays. That will not happen if the Senate remains in control of the Democrats.

Mass. Republican Scott Brown was elected to the U.S. Senate in Jan. 2010 to replace legendary Democrat Ted Kennedy after his death. Brown is now the number one target the Democrats plan to go after in the coming 2012 election.

Negative ads from super PACS have been running regularly in Mass., so Brown made a strategic move to try to reduce the impact of national groups trying to unseat him. He convinced his Democrat opponent, Professor Elizabeth Warren, to sign an agreement that both candidates will work to stop outside groups from running ads.

The people of Mass. will be the winners if the two candidates can actually succeed in preventing the outside groups from running ads. Even though the election is months away, millions have been spent and the residents of the state are already tired of all the political attack ads on radio and television.

The Presidential campaign is capturing the majority of attention in the national news, so most people are not thinking about the fact that 23 seats in the U.S. Senate are up for grabs. Democrats currently hold a slim majority with 53 seats and Republicans with 47. Of the 23 seats up for election this time around there are 13 held by Democrats and 10 by Republicans.

The Democrats have targeted Brown as the one seat they have the best chance to win back and use it to give them an added cushion to their current majority. Brown is in the most Democrat controlled state in the nation.

Brown’s move to get a signed agreement from Warren may give him an advantage for a short time, but it is not likely to stop the outside groups from their plans. They can easily put their millions to work in other ways.

Democrats control the majority of workers through their unions. They can easily put the massive numbers of Teamsters, government employees, teachers, longshoremen, and construction workers to work canvasing neighborhoods, making calls, and conducting rallies where plenty of negative attacks can be made on Brown.

Nationally it will be critical for Republicans to rally in support of the 10 senators up for re-election, and find a way to win at least four of the seats now held by Democrats, making sure to hold onto the seat held by Brown. A majority in the Senate will be critical to the success of any new Republican president.

Republicans all across the country should take an interest in helping Republican Senate candidates in all states if they want to help their new Republican president actually have a chance of success.


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