Solution to Network Marketing Problem Announced


People who enthusiastically start any network marketing or multi-level marketing business opportunity continually run into the same problem – they run out of prospects.

Now there is a solution, and it works for any online network marketing or multi-level marketing business. The marketing system has been adapted for use by a group of independent marketing representatives who are promoting EPXBody, and it has made a significant difference in their level of success. They are known as the Freedom Team.

Typically independent marketing reps are taught to make a list of their friends and family to talk to about their business opportunity, which is their so-called warm market. As soon as they run out of people to talk to in their warm market their business comes to an end. This problem is common throughout the network marketing industry.

To help people overcome that challenge, there is a marketing system that uses  an online software program known as an auto-responder. Marketing reps are taught how to advertise and promote using blogs, social networking, and other methods to find prospects taking only 30 minutes of their time a day.

Prospects found through the free advertising and promotion used by the Freedom Team see a single page web site known as a capture page. That web site offers an incentive of some kind to get prospects to get more information, see a video, or listen to a recording. When the prospect responds to the offer they are taken to a web site that provides detailed information and does all the selling to get the prospect to become a customer.

Freedom Team members say the system solves their biggest problem. When their warm market is used up, they find new prospects through online advertising and promotion at no cost. Those prospects visit a capture page like this one  and by responding to the offer on the capture page the prospect is then taken to a web site like this one. 

Freedom Team members receive many different capture pages and auto-responder follow-up letters at no cost when they participate.

The bottom line is that it works. Members of the Freedom Team continue to find prospects and make sales long after their warm market has been used up. The biggest problem for network marketers has been solved.


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