U.S. and Foreign Markets in Turmoil, World Trends Capital Announces Unique Global Market Gold Strategy


Ridgefield, CT – The market trends in the United States and the even worse foreign markets present a unique opportunity for investors to prosper, according to a new web site offering gold and foreign currencies and other investment insights and strategies from an expert money manager.

Walter Bahr formed World Trends Capital, LLC and www.WorldTrendsCapital.com to educate and inform investors about a unique gold investment strategy that enables investors to capitalize on a bleak global macro-economic outlook. The firm is a Registered Investment Advisory operating in Ridgefield CT.

“With interest rates at record lows, the U.S. stock market in turmoil, the global economic outlook worsening and the debasement of the U.S. Dollar, World Trends Capital is sensitive to the fact that there are few places to hide. World Trends Capital manages assets on a discretionary basis using a global macro approach, proprietary trading models, and then filtering out the best investments by value,” explained Bahr.

Bahr offers a threefold strategy that involves proprietary trend trading models placing some investments in cash, gold and silver, and constantly searches global markets for value without undue risk. He says his strategy is to protect clients from rapid deterioration of the U.S. Dollar.

“The asset class I found most attractive was gold and silver. I knew the value of the U.S. dollar would erode because of the U.S. monetary policy of quantitative easing, and as the easy Fed money found its way back to the equity markets. I allocated 20 to 30 percent of my client portfolios in gold and silver. That bet paid off well when gold and silver appreciated 130 and 300 percent respectively,” Bahr explained.

The gold and silver strategy has been an excellent one for his investors, but additional strategies are needed for a successful portfolio. Bahr was discouraged with foreign and emerging market company balance sheets that were not strong, and were too risky. He knew he could find something better for his clients, and so the hunt for global value began. The result of his on-going search has brought the success he was seeking , and he shares his successful strategy with no cost or obligation on his web site at www.WorldTrendsCapital.com.

About  World Trends Capital, LLC

World Trends Capital, LLC was founded by money manager Walter Bahr. It is a Registered Investment Advisory operating in Ridgefield, CT.  The firm has announced a new web site that provides free information on global investment strategies, as well as a free newsletter. Bahr says the strategy of the firm is to protect clients from rapid deterioration of the U.S. Dollar through carefully selected investments in dividend-paying equities, gold, silver, and direct investment in currencies through the foreign exchange market.

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